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We have LMS integrations and Single Sign On (SSO) options to work with your systems.

Create your own interactive tips, prompts, and transitions.


Teach essay outlining and reverse outlining.


Identify and flag common errors on student drafts.


Peer, self, or educator rubric-based formative feedback.


“Crescent Student Services introduced EssayJack as an adaptive technology program for students who struggle to organize their essays. EssayJack provides the structure and gives the student prompts so that he can organize his ideas as he writes. As a former English teacher, I am so pleased to see that the prompts the program provides are the same as I would give if I was sitting beside the student while he is writing.”

– Roberta Longpré, Crescent School Student Services


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“My students were given the opportunity to use EssayJack in a third year International Human Rights course in the summer of 2015. Over a third of the students signed up for EssayJack accounts, and of these students who used EssayJack to prepare their written submissions, 75% improved their grades.”

– Melanie Adrian, Ph.D. (Harvard) – Assistant Professor, Carleton University

EssayJack offers pricing per user and at the institutional level. Want to use EssayJack in one class only? We can do that. Want to use it in your whole department? We can do that too. Pricing depends on the number of users. The bigger the subscription, the lower the price. We have LMS integrations and Single Sign On (SSO) options to make it easy for you and your platforms. It’s our job to work with you. Find out if we can help you teach essay writing, or support your students.

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